Friday, October 31, 2008

Protect Your Removable Drives from Trojans

Dear Readers
Every Trojens are actually stand alone exe(ies) which are intended to harm our machines but it can not harm untill execute. To execute by their selves they use Autorun.inf like files and some time .bat(ch) files. if we create Autorun.inf folder on the root of every Drive then trojens can not manage their subroutines, becouse their command parameter can not be applied on folders while it is for operationg on files. Same thing can be applied in the case of recycled folder creat a recylced file on the root of every Drive (Only of Removable Media).1. Create Autorun.inf folder inside it and its subfolders too until you are stoped by the operating system.2. Create Recycled file without any extension.
Thank You.